Get ready to face your fears.
Get uncomfortable.



Start the Year with a Challenge

Meet Harry Garside, the Aussie boxing sensation who defines grit and determination in the ring. Harry was born in 1997, destined to leave his mark on the world of boxing. From the tender age of 10, Harry's passion for the sport ignited a journey fuelled by relentless dedication and raw talent. 

Fast forward to 2020, and Harry is captivating hearts worldwide, cementing his status as a true champion. 

At Reach, we’ve been challenging young people to step outside of their comfort zones and to confront the stuff that’s scary to them for 30 years. Harry's story isn't just about medals and glory. It's about the unwavering spirit that drives him, pushing boundaries, getting uncomfortable and defying odds with every jab and hook.   

Beyond the ring, Harry stands tall as a mental health advocate. Using his platform, he spreads messages of hope and resilience, empowering others to conquer their own challenges! 

Harry Garside and Reach challenge YOU to get uncomfortable for the month of March!


Set yourself a challenge – It’s got to make you uncomfortable.

Fundraising target ($5K, $10K, $15K, $1M?). 

Get your friends, family and colleagues to chip in to reach your target.

Share your progress and why your challenge is so meaningful to you. Once you hit your fundraising goal, complete your challenge and share the results with your supporters!

Some ideas for your team could be...

  • Challenge your CEO to a ‘You Can’t Ask That’ all staff session, where no question is off-limits!
  • Challenge your team to run a combined 1000km for the month.
  • Challenge your team to complete 15 minutes of meditation together everyday for a week.
  • Challenge your team to not email after 5pm.
  • Challenge your team to get to know each other more deeply by asking each other 5 questions.
Or come up with your own creative challenge!