Why do it?

Be part of a mental health movement

All the money raised during the Very Uncomfortable Challenge help us reach more young people in 2024! We believe that there is greatness in all young people and with your help we can deliver our life changing workshops to young people who need Reach the most!

So, be as brave, face your fears, get uncomfortable and change the lives of young people across the country!

Have the experience of a young person in a workshop

Our camps and workshops are famous for breaking down barriers, fostering connection and improving the wellbeing of over 40,000 young people each year. In 2024, we’re challenging all Australians – young and old – to do exactly what we ask of these young people every day:
Be brave and enter the unknown. 

Entering the unknown helps us grow

Being open to the challenges life throws at us can help us grow. To better prepare you for life's ups and downs, then join an Australia-wide fundraiser like no other. You'll be helping others grow too. 

We're in this together

This is a group exercise, not a solo challenge. In the same month other Australians will be on the same journey and rising to special challenges. Just like our group workshops, we’ll be right there alongside you.