Challenge examples

WELCOME TO The Very Uncomfortable challenge

Get ready to get uncomfortable!

This challenge is designed for self-growth and self-discovery (VERY Reach of us we know). Pick a challenge for yourself that will do just this!

We've got some pretty good ones below if you're having trouble brainstorming.

Be Inkluded

Get a your first tattoo! Make it of significance to commemorate that time you got tatted up for a good cause.

Baby Driver

Haven’t got your license yet? Now is your chance! This March, document every part of your journey.

The Joker

Write and perform a 5-minute stand-up routine. Whether it's at you or with you, laughter is still the best medicine.

Shave it off!

Head, eyebrows, beard...other? Pick a part, any part and do a clean shave.

Walkin' on a tightrope

Learn to walk on a rope, practise in the park, in your house or in the office with your team!