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Very Uncomfortable Challenge

Why I am fundraising for the Reach Foundation - I am doing this for those that need the opportunity to reach their full potential

This March, I am embarking on the The Reach Foundation's Very Uncomfortable challenge. Why am I fundraising for Reach? Because it's time to face our fears and confront our challenges! 

By participating in this challenge, I'm not only investing in my myself but also contributing to a cause that's dedicated to unlocking the power of others. Throughout March, I'll be pushing myself through a series of challenges, documenting my progress every step of the way.

Embracing discomfort isn't easy, but it's where growth thrives. I believe in the power of facing the unknown head-on, knowing that the journey toward personal growth is often found in the most uncomfortable moments.

As I take on this challenge, I'm not alone. Australians from all walks of life are joining forces, collectively stepping outside their comfort zones in support of mental health awareness.

Please stand with me in supporting Reach's invaluable work by donating today. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Get ready to face your fears. Get uncomfortable. And let's spark a mental health movement together.

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My Updates

Day 5 of the REACH foundation very uncomfortable challenge

Tuesday 5th Mar
Day 5 and doing ok in the VUC - thanks to all my sponsors who have donated you guys rock

My Uncomfortable Challenge will be to WALK every day in March for at least 60 mins

Wednesday 28th Feb
to build a habit takes 66 days they say - my challenge is to set that habit in March and then hold it - please help me! I did it on the 3 Capes walk for 3 days should be easy??????

Thank you to my Sponsors


Quest Group Australia


James Atkins


Austral Fisheries

Well done guys been watching you ! great challenge - best wishes all at Austral


Mike Boyle


Julie Mason

Keep up the pace Mike … you can do it.


Glenn Butler

Great work Mike.


Wendy Lovell

Good on you Mike. You deserve a medal walking in that cold mountain air!


Dean And Kym

Good work Boiler


Brad Bult

Well done Mick


Sharon And Ross

Great effort Mike 👌


Leah Pinches


Mark Whitty

Great effort Mike



Legend Mike!


Alex Steeper

Loving the walks mate! Keep it up


David Browning

The hardest tasks to the best soldiers!


Maggie Butterworth

You’ve got this Mike !!



The legend continues


Paul Bastiaan


Nick Kerr

Great stuff Prez


Emily Splatt

Great effort Mike - keep it up!


Bianca Johnston



You got this 76