Fergus Watts

Reach 7x7

Why I am fundraising for the Reach Foundation

Seven minutes. Seven days. Seven challenges.

This mental health awareness month I’m taking part in the Reach 7x7 challenge.

I’m committing 7 minutes a day towards my own mental health by completing seven unknown challenges across seven days to help raise funds and awareness for The Reach Foundation’s work.

What are the challenges? I can’t tell you, because I don’t yet know what they are! I’ll receive a new one each morning to complete and post the results here on this page.

Entering the unknown is challenging - but being open to the random challenges life throws at us can help us grow. And I'm up for it. 

Across the same seven days, other Australians will be rising to the same challenge, bravely stepping into the unknown together. It’s a mental health movement on mass.

Please support my fundraiser and Reach’s vital work by donating today!

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Ben Hegerty

You’re a giant amongst humans, Mr Watts.


Jim Kay Watts


Andy Stone

Good on you Ferg.


James Jorgensen

Feel the energy!


Tristan Sternson


Ivan Gelat

To the one and only VAFA 🦆. Love your areas, love the power hair. Love from PC brothers


Jimmy Beckley


Jan Herrmann




Catherine Parker


Mick Rose

Great work Fergie.


Tasha Lawton

Go you good thing


Gaven Morris



Smash the 7x7


Steven Howlett


Tim Joiner

Nice one Ferg!