Scrambled Legs

Very Uncomfortable Challenge

Who are we and our WHY.

Right now we are RPG's VIC/NZ Regional Leadership team- Hannah, Aleisha, Luke and Jordy. We are also OPEN for new members!
Scrambled Legs is the name of our team because for this years Very Uncomfortable Challenge we will each be running 50km for the month of March (10/3-10/4 to be exact) For a bunch of busy non- runners this a BIIIG feat.

Why running you ask?
Well we work for a company called Retail Prodigy Group and we're actually partnered with Reach which is why we're here to help! 
RPG holds the master franchise rights for Nike stores in Australia and New Zealand, which means we live, breathe and....walk in swoosh. We reckon its about time we hit the pavement a bit faster so we've set out to get uncomfortable this March and take up running.

We will be using the Nike Run Club App where we have set up a 50km challenge. All our runs get tracked, we have a leaderboard which means medals.. which means Hannah wont be giving up haha.

This challenge is open invite and this team is recruiting! So if you'd like to support a good cause and get Uncomfortable with us please reach Hannah for the deets, otherwise we would LOVE your support through a donation. 
As a team we are hoping to raise 1k and we cant do it without you!

We'll be keeping our page updated as we go through the challenge so you can keep us accountable and cheer along your faves to win.. although the real winner are the kids who get to experience the life changing workshops that Reach gets to put on with your support.

Thanks in advance!!
- Scrambled Legs 

Thank you to our Sponsors


Andrew Mcdonald

Love it!!


Stephen Younane

Awesome effort scrambled legs


Nike Melbourne Emporium


Linda Rock

Hey Han, you’re an inspiration to everyone around you! Keep being you, honest and true, funny and loving. You make me so proud xx mum


Nicole Galli


Zhanna Kuperman

Go Scrambled Legs Team! Great fundraising course Hannah :)


Jovita Exposto

Amazing work team VIC/NZ!! Your support does not go unnoticed :)


Linden Sime

VIC & NZ - my two homes! Great work team, good luck with the running......and if you need some new shoes I know a good store.


Sa Sofara

You rock Miss Rock. Congratulations on your 7th year and for always being an inspiration. I support this 100000% 🤦🏽‍♀️


Ashlee Murphy



Well done Team VIC/NZ!



Keep up the amazing work team!!!


Gabby Shields


Dali And Suki



Emily Giacomantonio


Jessie Williams