How it works

experience the reach effect

During Mental Health Awareness Month this October, we’re giving our community the opportunity to experience the Reach effect from wherever you are.

You might've heard about our incredible social and emotional wellbeing workshops. We run them for young people all over Australia to build confidence and resilience in our next generation. The Reach 7x7 gives you the opportunity to experience it yourself, fundraise for Reach and build on your own mental health!

Together, thousands of Australians will commit 7 minutes towards their mental health each day for a week. We'll complete a set of 7 unknown challenges over 7 days, that help us embrace what makes us who we are, raise funds for Reach and create a mental health movement on mass.


Sign up

Registrations are open! Invite your friends, family, coworkers... we're in this together so the more, the merrier.

Set a target

$1000, $5000, $10,000? Set yourself a target so you have a goal to work towards. Remember,  every dollar raised goes towards shaping a generation of young people to thrive. You got this!

Get your backers

Get your network to back you into
the unknown and support your commitment to mental health. Share, share, share and encourage everyone to donate to your fundraising page! 

Enter the unknown

Seven days. Seven challenges. Seven minutes. Each day you’ll be sent an unknown challenge to complete. Every challenge is under seven minutes, totally mysterious, fun and rewarding. 


As part of each daily challenge you’ll be asked to post on your 7x7 fundraising page and/or social media to share your journey along the way.  


Remember to use the hashtag #Reach7x7 so we can connect our community and spread the word about this mental health movement on mass! 

Ready? Let's go!


Just like our physical health benefits from exercising each day, our mental health improves when we work on it consistently. So we encourage you to try and undertake all 7 challenges across the week!

But this is a judgement free zone - we get that not every challenge will feel right for everyone, and that’s ok - give it a miss! Instead spend your 7 minutes that day doing something that feels right for your mental health.