We will be releasing the challenges one-by-one on each morning of the Reach 7x7.

But what we can tell you is - each of the upcoming challenges draws on unique personal growth activities taken from our social and emotional wellbeing workshops. They are designed, with support from trained wellbeing professionals, to help you take steps towards improving your own mental health.

Like Reach’s workshops each challenge utilises evidence based techniques that aim to support your wellbeing. Plus – they’re completely mysterious, making it all the more fun and brave on your part!

Day 1’s mental health challenge has landed! Click the challenge below to unlock day 1!!

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Challenge 3

Challenge 4

Challenge 5

Challenge 6

Challenge 7


Just like our physical health benefits from exercising each day, our mental health improves when we work on it consistently. So we encourage you to try and undertake all 7 challenges across the week!

But this is a judgement free zone - we get that not every challenge will feel right for everyone, and that’s ok - give it a miss! Instead spend your 7 minutes that day doing something that feels right for your mental health.